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Be closer to the future. Develop your brand potential. Explore the VR world and make it work for you. 


Developing Metaverse & Xverse

Virtual or digital spaces and experiences in which users immerse in the 3D worlds. Playing, communicating, sharing and learning together - it is a new form of social experience which can be accessed from every point of the world.

Shooting Live Events

Using the latest professional and action cameras we can capture every event making it not only unforgettable but an immersive experience for the viewer.

Film Production

Need something more than just a simple video? We can help you produce in Bulgaria. Whether it is a professional production needing a local fixer or a corporate documentary - our film professionals will take care.

3D Modelling

Making your idea or a real object into 3D allows you to use it for augmented, virtual or digital reality. Whether it is constructing it from scratch or using methods like photogrammetry to make 3D from an existing object - we can do it all.

XR Education + Training

Innovative VR methods that will turn every training into a unique experience. Help every participant of the work environment immerse themselves in a modern, innovative, and nearby perfect atmosphere, through the use of advanced technologies and visual tools.


Project: "2021 tour of Magic voices formation"

We were trusted to develop a 360 video experience of the tour which we did with Insta360 Pro camera. The magical events amongst some of the most beautiful natural formations of Bulgaria could be experienced once again in VR.

Project: "The song of the narrow-gauge railway"

A project by ARTO+ company and the Magic voices formation where a concert is performed in the unique bulgarian narrow-gauge railway. We documented it in 360 and currently it is being developed in VR experience.

Project: "Issun Boshi"

A puppet theater show by Senju Puppet Company, directed by Lyubomira Kostova. Our task was to document it in 360. Cameraman Kalojan Nikolov.

Project: "Control"

A Dance VR Film produced by Rubecula ltd and directed by Sasha Hadjieva made with Insta360Pro and presented at Sofia VR Fest. Cameraman and editor Kalojan Nikolov.

Project: "3D models of Secession architectural heritage"

A project curated by Konstantin Dimitrov. Our crew member Kalojan Nikolov executed the production

Project: "Cultural heritage preservation"

REGIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC OPEN AIR MUSEUM ETAR gave us the unique opportunity to work on a selection of very special objects. On the photos you see the production process executed by Kalojan

How we work

We help businesses improve their communication from within. We love to be involved in every multi-faceted process and stay in constant contact with the members of your team at all times.

Repetition during every step

Guaranteed regular and constant connection and high levels of accuracy. It is important for us to monitor every step of the process to ensure an optimal outcome. Each member of our team is responsible for a specific task and works on it daily.

We believe in partnership

Our customers are always actively involved in every part of our brainstorming processes. We want to keep them informed thus maintaining high levels of mutual trust.

Always in reach

You can count on us to be there for consultation even after the draft is complete. Any issue or problem will be assessed by a team member and solved shortly afterward. This is because we insist on the long-term friendship built through each and every assignment.

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Любомира Костова: Виртуалното пространство омагьосва

Любомира Костова е от главните организатори на София VR Фест, чието трето издание ще се проведе на 12 и 13 март в Resonator – мултифункционално пространство в бившата цигарена фабрика, близо до Руски паметник в София.

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